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The market-leading drive-to-store specialist for data-supported 360° offer communication in retail

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Drive-to-Store Marketing

"The omission of brochures would mean a significant loss of sales and traffic"
Marketing manager, non-food discounter

The success of our customers is our focus

Our primary goal is to ensure high frequency in stationary retail

An excerpt of our more than 1000 satisfied customers

"Our daily turnover increases by 20-30% through the use of brochures."
CEO, non-food discounter
"Not using prospectuses would mean a significant loss of revenue and footfall in the store."
Marketing manager, hardware store

All-round solution under one roof

Strong brands for strong communication solutions

As the only 360° provider on the market, the MC Group today manages >€0.5 billion media budgets.
MEDIA Central
Quotation communication via classic channels
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> 15

Management of 15 billion print brochures

> 500

at 11 locations in 7 countries with customers from 24 countries from all industries

> 400

Bundling of over 260 platforms and numerous range partners in your own native network

360° offer communication

Reach the right target group at the right time

The MEDIA Central Group is the holistic solution provider for 360° offer communication. Based on geographical data that is unique in the industry and its own expertise in data analysis, the MEDIA Central Group recognizes overarching relationships and offers customers tailor-made recommendations for successful trade communication. The group brings together MEDIA Central, the market-leading specialist for haptic communication of offers, the Offerista Group, Europe's leading experts for digital communication of offers.

Digital channels
Classic channels
MEDIA Central Unternehmensgruppe
  • Digital Media

    Digital flyers | Offers Unlimited, >165 partners serving as reachmultiplier

  • Data Analytics

    Data-driven optimizations for media budgets

  • Advertisements

    Ad booking and placement in daily newspapers and advertising journals

  • Brochures

    Brochures as inserts or direct distribution

  • TV | Radio | Posters

    Exclusive cooperations with market-leading partners for TV, radio or posters

  • Print Mailings

    Partially or fully addressed mailing of letter mail advertisements

MEDIA Central

Our approach

As a leading provider of 360° offer communication with in-house expertise in classic & digital media, we are pioneers in convergent media planning and optimise the ROI of our clients' marketing investments. Learn more about how we manage offer communication with more than 400 fullfilment partners.

Technology Platform

Data Intelligence

Data input Market data
(e.g. socio-economic)
Customer data
(e.g. customer behavior)
Proprietary Data
(e.g. complaints)
Data ouput Reporting
(e.g. distribution areas)
Quality management
(e.g. complaint)
Budget planning
(e.g. from campaigns)
Data Pool
MEDIA Central Offerista Yagora ShopFully
…to optimize the ROI of our clients' marketing investments
  1. In which region is located
    the target group?
    Determination of the optimal
    modulation area (Geo-Intelligence)
  2. Through which channel
    is this ideally achieved?
    Choosing the best possible
    advertising channels
  3. What is the optimal
    media mix over time?
    Ideal media mix across all channels,
    geographies and time frames
  4. How successful is
    the offer communication?
    Controlling of the control
    and readjustment
  5. Maximum
    Increasing frequency

Our team for you

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With distinctive trading expertise and many years of management experience, we are at your service.

Ingo Wienand
Ingo Wienand
Chief Executive Officer Classic
Dr. Vincenzo Del Popolo
Dr. Vincenzo Del Popolo
Chief Administration Officer
Christof Knop
Christof Knop
Chief Financial Officer
Stefano Portu
Stefano Portu
Chief Executive Officer Digital

ESG - Because we care

ESG aspects (Environmental, Social, Governance) are deeply rooted in our DNA as part of our corporate responsibility

Sustainability Report 2023

As MEDIA Central Group, our commitment to sustainability extends across all areas of our company group. In our ESG report, you will learn what our focus is and how far we have already come.

  • CO2 neutrality
  • Networking with decision-makers from the industry, trade and politics - for the interests of our customers
  • Long-term partnerships: whether as an employer or service provider - we believe in long-term and sustainably successful relationships
  • Local engagement
  • Focus on people - company health management for mental and physical health
  • Hybrid and fully electric fleet

We are where you are

We work for you not only within Germany, but also in 23 other European countries. In this way, you can also reach your target group in your expansion markets with the usual precision and efficiency.

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